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MINI "Protected by an angel" sign.
Made of 1/8" wood, purple in color with black letters this fun piece would be adorable in a child's room.  
It is hung from silver-tone wire accompanied by a clear bead and swirl's.  
At the bottom you will find an angel.

Size:  4 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" long.
Artist: A girl from Jersey.
Price: $19.99.
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One side has a precious angel; the other side
our trademarked "Protected By A Sewanee Angel",
and she is flying from a grosgrain ribbon.
This piece would be fun swinging from
your rearview car mirror, window, tree, bush, boat,
baby bed, valentine or ceiling fan pull.
Just imagine being at a bridal shower
and presenting the alum
with a gift topped with this bit of Sewanee.

Size: 2" X 2" plus ribbon.
Price: $16.99. 

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Embossed aluminum LICENSE PLATE or perhaps a wall plaque.
Protect your car or your castle with this happy addition.

A little Christi Teasley angel in the corner.
Size:  6" x 12"
Price:  $18.99
Color:  White with Sewanee purple.
You will ALWAYS be able to find your car with this adornment.
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Loretta Eby, hot glass artist
has created just for us a Sewanee angel orb 
of purple and gold swirls and dots.
Using a blowpipe she gathers molten glass form a furnace
and gently blows a beautiful bubble.
This piece of artwork will twinkle in your window.
Size 4" high and 4.5" in diameter.
Hangtag reads "Handmade for a Sewanee Angel"
Price:   $45.00 


In 1964 we came to Sewanee for two years, and in the blink of an eye this will make fifty!!! So Sewanee is my happy place. If you love Sewanee you will love this sign. Fun on a porch or your media room or your secret space or a bridal shower (we have lot's of Alumni weddings) or BEST of all the nursery for your future Sewanee student. 
Size: 11" wide x 8" high. 
Price: $45.00
Made of recycled metal, hung by wire and painted with love... in the USA.
Created by artists and craftsman.... friends of mine. xxoo
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All Saints' Chapel++++

Local Sewanee artist Bob Askew made PRINTS
of the magical watercolor painting he did of All Saints' Chapel.
The size including double matt is 8" x 10"
priced at $19.99

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For your wall (hook on the back) or desk top this sign will bring back special memories of your time on the plateau.

Made of wood 1/2" thick x 5" wide x 11" long. This design is also available on a mug on Sewanee items page.

Artist:  Joanne Sharp uses cutting edge reproduction technology to create her pieces.

Price:  $35.00

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Hand thrown on a potter's wheel, painted, glazed and then high fired in a kiln.  
The nice people at "Great Bay Pottery" make these mugs just for us.  
The mug is big, it holds 12 ozs. of liquid and loves to go into the microwave.

Price:  $40.00
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